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Videos and tutorials

Watch our video tutorials and see how you can easily make fantastic home decor
products with your fabrics and wall coverings using our  kits

Lampshade Making Tutorial

Watch our professional lampshade making tutorial and learn how to make
lampshades using your fabric of choice.

This shows you how to get started, you can then purchase the kits or we
can supply the materials separately from this website.

Make lampshades for your home, friends or family or why not start a business
from home making lampshades in your own designs and then you can sell
them on the online shopping channels like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Not-On-The High Street.

Coolie Lampshade Making Tutorial
Coolie lampshades are reminiscent of Chinese coolie hats with wide bottoms and narrow tops.
The contemporary and modern lampshade design that can be used as
ceiling pendants or table and floor lamps.

Make & Paint Lampshade Kit
Paint the textile panel included with your design or colour, and then turn it into
a unique professional hand painted lampshade with these kits.

Lampshade Workshop Packs
Everything you need to run a lampshade making workshop from a box.
Take a look what's inside, don't forget we offer a free advertising banner to help
you promote an event.

Lampshade Manufacturing Packs
Purchase these packs and you can start manufacturing lampshades for retail.
Everything you need to design professional lampshades using your coverings in one box.

Tier Lampshade Making Tutorial
Watch our professional Tier lampshade making tutorial and learn how to make
Tier lampshades using your fabric of choice.
In this demo we use our Tier Professional Lampshade Making Kit but we also
supply professional system to make your tier shades 2Tier, 3Tier and 4Tier systems
available in lots of sizes  Click here for more details

Floor Lamp Making Tutorial
We show you how to make a stunning free- standing floor lamp using our kits.
Just add your covering of choice.

Table Lamp Making Tutorial
We show you how to make a freestanding Table lamp using our kits.
Just add your fabric or wallpaper and follow the instructions.

Bottle Lamp Conversion Kit Tutorial
If you have a favourite bottle you can turn it into a stunning table lamp
with this easy to use adaptor. Just push the lamp holder into the bottle
opening at the top and then you can fit your lampshade

Sewing Bin Kit
Design your own sewing bin using your favourite fabric with our easy to use kit.
The Sewing bin will be a great companion for keeping your projects organized and at your fingertips.

The bin can sit on a table by your machine and you can drop your garments or projects straight into it.
A stylish way to store all your sewing essentials or use for all your arts and crafts projects.

Lantern Making Tutorial
Use these kits to make beautiful lanterns in your choice of fabric that can
be used all around the home or for any event. Brilliant craft activity for everyone
especially the children who can design their own night lights.


Paper Bin Making Tutorial
See how you can make a decorative paper bin that can be used all around
the home using your fabric or wallpaper of choice.

Clock Making Kit Tutorial
Watch how you can make a clock using your fabric of choice with these
easy to use kits.

Textile Wall Art Kits
These astonishingly simple but effective kits allow people to
turn their favourite fabric designs into
unique and beautiful pieces of wall art within minutes.