Stick-It ® 134cm Mirror Gold with Protective film Self-Adhesive Lampshade Material

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Used for making rigid Lampshades with a Gold Mirror Lining
Highly reflective Gold liner projects a warm & lustrous reflective glow out from the inside of the lampshade, without allowing much light to travel through the lampshade. Ideal for premium shades with printed or woven patterns which might break up, or lose definition with the light shining through them, this makes a premium product. Because this is an original mirror finish, it can be prone to scratching during manufacture. To eliminate this, we have added a protective pre-mask plastic film, which is easy to remove once the lampshade is completed, for a pristine finish.

About the protective film
The Lining has a surface guard protective film which is designed to protect the mirror surface from scratching and abrasions during fabrication, assembly, shipping and storage.
The film is straightforward to remove when required. 

Fitted with a removable protective film
300micron thickness
Colour: Gold
134cm wide
UV stable & flame retardant,
High impact strength - Excellent tear resistance.
Anti-static treated to minimise attraction of dust.
UV stabilised - Anti Yellowing
Engineered for lampshade making
Passed the glow wire test carried out by the Lighting Association.
Manufactured in the UK

Purchase Options
Available to purchase in quantities of 2 Metre, 5 Metre, 25 Metre or 100 Metres. 

Price information
 2 Metre roll  = £38.33 per Linear Metre

Savings if you purchase bigger rolls


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