Spray Adhesives

Spray Adhesive is a blanket term for a liquid adhesive that is administered by an aerosol can. By utilising a spray can, the user can cover a large surface area with the glue without compromising bond strength.
One of the main benefits of spray adhesives is the speed and efficiency that comes with its use. The glue is quick to bond without reducing bond strength. The adhesive is also very easy to use in places that an applicator may not be efficient. Aerosol spray nozzles are formulated to reduce overspray, as well as minimise clean up and wasted adhesive. Also, as aerosol cans double up as applicators, you do not need to spend time cleaning brushes or cleaning sticky cans.

The Bostik Spay Adhesive is a premium  quality, supplied in an applicator that wont clog or let you down.

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