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Manufacturers' Packs

Lampshade manufacturing was always a cottage industry. Many small home manufacturers would make and sub contract for bigger firms who would then supply to retail.  Over the last 15 years many manufacturers were forced out of business because they could not compete with cheap imports from the Far East.  The retailers also decided to cut out the middle men and import direct to their stores . The high street is now filled with neutral coloured poor quality lampshades that have been modified to fit in container ships. 

Opportunities for new manufacturers
Things are changing. The return of manufacturing from offshore to the UK and other developed economies is more than just a rumour, it's happening!   We no longer need to be colonised by the big retailers and we don't have to buy neutral coloured boring bland lampshades.  

Manufacturing Packs
It has never been easier to design and sell your own products with our manufacturing packs. All the essential components supplied compactly in one box at the most economical rates. Purchase these packs and you're in business straight away with your designs.  You don't need to rely on orders from retailers and you can sell your products immediately through the online shopping channels like

    folksy.jpg     notonthe.jpg    googleshopping.jpg     ebaylogo.jpg        amazon.jpg 

Or you can set up your own shop using EKM Powershop from only £25.00 per month.  Take a look at this promotional video from EKM about the shop they provide "The Lampshade Company" which is a Colchester based business selling high quality unique lampshades. Click here to view the video

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Lampshade Manufacturing PacksLampshade Manufacturing Packs
We supply all the popular shapes: Drum, Oval, Rectangle,Square.
Clock 30cm Diameter - Manufacturing pack  50 UnitsClock 30cm Diameter - Manufacturing pack 50 Units
Bin Manufacturers Pack -  30 unitsBin Manufacturers Pack - 30 units
Lantern Manufacturers or Workshop Pack 100 unitsLantern Manufacturers or Workshop Pack 100 units
Textile Wall Art Manufacturing PacksTextile Wall Art Manufacturing Packs
We have made it easy for you to design and manufacture your own wall art, all the essential components supplied compactly at the most economical rates