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Making Lampshade Patterns.

How to make a pattern for a Rigid Lampshade. 
We have set out a drawing below to help you make a lampshade panel.

However for business customers we can supply a digital cutting service, no need for tooling, we cut any shape and size. Panels can be supplied with creasing for square shapes, and scores for easy hand rolled edge assembly.
Tell us the dimensions of the lampshade you require and we will replicate the shape required in an instant. 
We also advise material yields and costs if applicable before start of the cutting process.

Our nesting software will automatically simulate all possible combinations of the shapes you require and nest them to your exact production requirements
optimising cutting productivity and material utilisation.


Lampshade Pattern / Template Making ServiceLampshade Pattern / Template Making Service
Let us know the size you would like to make and we will draw the pattern for you and supply you with a PVC Template.