Lantern Making Kit  - 4 Pack  x 14 Units
Lantern Making Kit  - 4 Pack  x 14 Units
Lantern Making Kit  - 4 Pack  x 14 Units
Lantern Making Kit  - 4 Pack  x 14 Units
Lantern Making Kit  - 4 Pack  x 14 Units

Lantern Making Kit - 4 Pack x 14 Units

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14 packs of Lantern making kits  (4 lanterns per pack    £7.9 each)


Product Details Per Pack

Make your own lanterns with our easy to use DIY kits.
Just add your own fabric or wallpaper and follow the instructions in the box, it's that easy.

View the instructions
Click on the link below to download the instructions

Where can I use them
Use these kits to make beautiful, professionally finished lanterns in your choice of fabric that can be used all around the home or for any event.
They can be fashioned to anything you please they will deliver unique mood lighting for Romantic Evenings, Dinner Parties, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas or Halloween.

Craft Activity
Brilliant craft activity for everyone especially the children who can design their own night lights.

Great Gifts
Great presents for anyone who likes trying out new crafts and making beautiful things for their home.

How do they work?
The lanterns use battery-powered flameless candles, and they will give your fabrics delightful decorative effects when lit.

Fabrics and Wallpaper
Design and make your own lantern using your covering of choice, it's easy fun and very creative.
Flickering photos with candlelight
Light up the special times in your life, or a loved one.
They will be a great feature in any room as the photograph will flicker in the candlelight.
Design unique decorative products
With these kits, you can design unique bespoke
lantern products using your artwork or illustrations that you can resell.
They can also be used for advertising, make them up for your local restaurants, cafes and bistros. They can be personalised for functions and parties.

What size will my covering need to be?
Your covering needs to be 350mm wide x 150mm to cover the self-adhesive panel supplied.

Lantern Assembled Size
100mm Diameter x 120mm High

What's in the box?
8 x 3.25mm metal rings
4 x Clear Self-adhesive panels size 326mm x 145mm
1 x 6mtr roll self-adhesive tape
4 x Circular PVC Base discs
4 x Circular PVC Base discs with candle holder
4 x Edging tools for finishing.

Tea Candles - Battery Powered
You can also purchase 4 x Battery Tea Candle lights.

They are natural and warming. No more mess or worries about cleaning wax.
Perfect around children, pets, furniture and flammable materials.

Cardboard Box Size 380mm x 170mm x 50mm

360 grams

Designed for use with only our Battery powered flameless candles


Digital Print
We can supply you with a digital print to fit practically any theme so you can use your favourite photograph, picture or artwork.
See related items below for more details.

Trade Packs
We supply at trade prices subject to a minimum of 14 and 28 units
Provided with free delivery in the UK
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Lantern Manufacturers pack
Purchase these packs, and you can design your Lanterns for retailing or workshops.
All the components to make 100 lanterns economically from one box.
Click here for more details.



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