Lampshade Panel Printing Service

We specialise in printing materials for lampshades and have chosen a  select range of textiles that provide excellent print quality at affordable prices for your project.
These materials are selected because they have all the best attributes to make great lampshades.

Custom printed fabric lampshade panels

Printable Fabrics Available
We have selected a classic range of superior materials to print your designs and construct unique lampshade products.

Natural Cotton Fabric - Tightly woven natural cotton produces a soft, slightly muted print with warm undertones.

Linen Fabric - It has a textured yet soft face with a diverse fibre base of varying slubs.

Satin Fabric - Luxurious, Silky and Smooth are the way to describe this textile.

Velvet Fabric - A versatile fabric ideal for fashion and furnishings due to its exceptional softness.

Polytextile Fabric - This lightweight material has a plain weave in texture, making it easy to work with

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