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Lampshade Making Kits

Make your own lampshades with our easy-to-use DIY kits. Add your own fabric or wallpaper and follow the instructions in the box, it's that easy. Needcraft kits make professional lampshades which can be used all around the home to match any colour or any room theme.  Use them as pendants or with table lamps. 

Regularly used by professional tradespeople in the soft furnishing industry to co-ordinate lighting with their interiors and projects. They also teach you how to make lampshades, very popular with schools, colleges and craft making workshops.

We have lots of models and plenty of sizes, so click on the links below to continue.

Drum Lampshade Making KitsDrum Lampshade Making Kits
Drum lampshades are the classic shape for modern and vintage interiors. They can be used to fit a table lamp or a ceiling fitting.
Coolie Lampshade Making KitsCoolie Lampshade Making Kits
The contemporary and modern lampshade design that can be used as ceiling pendants or table and floor lamps, our kits contain everything you need to make professional Coolie style Lampshades.
Empire Lampshade Making KitsEmpire Lampshade Making Kits
Our Empire lamp shades kits feature a narrow opening at the top with a slightly larger base opening and they are also very deep, most commonly known as Retro Empires. They can be used with Table and Floor lamps and also with pendant fittings...
Oval Lampshade Making KitsOval Lampshade Making Kits
Make your own oval lampshades. Use them on standard table and wall lamps or the larger sizes make excellent feature lights.
Rounded Square Lampshade Making KitsRounded Square Lampshade Making Kits
Rounded Square Lampshades for pendant or table lamp use, they are easy to make using straight panels that curve around the frame to give you a stylish modern finish.
Rounded Rectangle Lampshade Making KitsRounded Rectangle Lampshade Making Kits
Rounded Rectangle Lampshades for pendant or table lamp use, they are easy to make using straight panels that curve around the frame to give you a stylish modern finish.
Square Lampshade Making KitsSquare Lampshade Making Kits
Square lampshades can be used for pendants (ceiling fitting) or with table lamps, 20cm, 30cm and 40cm sizes available.
Tiered Lampshade Making KitsTiered Lampshade Making Kits
Combine your contrasting fabrics and make your own tiered pendant lampshades.
Candle Lampshade KitCandle Lampshade Kit
Make your own Candle lampshades using your own materials. Ideal for replacement chandelier, wall lamp or candlestick fittings. Lampshades clip over the bulbs.
Ribbon Lampshade Making KitsRibbon Lampshade Making Kits
Assemble the lampshade then wrap with your favourite ribbon or yarn. Everything you need is in the kit.
US Washer Fitting Lampshade KitsUS Washer Fitting Lampshade Kits
Lampshade kits suitable for lamps that use a harp or vertical rod system to hold the shade. We supply kits with the washer fitting (1/2" ring) which is the most common lamp fitting in the US.
Group Making / Student Workshop PacksGroup Making / Student Workshop Packs
Designed for the classroom, workshop or any group making activity. These packs contain everything students need to make professional handmade lampshades.
Resell our Kits - Trade PricesResell our Kits - Trade Prices
If you are a trade customer you can purchase our wholesale packs.