Lampshade Maker’s Tool Pack - Scissors, Seam Roller, Fabric Squeegee, 12 Roll Edge Tools

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Whether you’re new to lampshade making or are running lampshade making workshops, our Lampshade Maker’s Tool Pack contains all the essential tools you need to make professional, bespoke lampshades and saves on purchasing the items individually.

As a Lampshade Workshop tutor, purchasing our Lampshade Maker’s Tool Pack ensures each of your students have the required high quality tools for learning how to make lampshades. We also provide Lampshade Workshop Packs, that contain all of the materials you need in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tools provided in the pack are perfect for every stage in the lampshade making process:

  • the Lamination Squeegee helps adhere the fabric to the PVC lampshade panel in your Lampshade Making kit and is ideal for use with other coverings such as wallpaper and vinyl.
  • the Hemline Expert Dressmaking Shears (210mm) have soft grip handles and ultra sharp 3mm stainless steel blades that guarantee a crisp clean edge when cutting your fabric away from the edge of your lampshade panel.
  • to ensure your lampshade seam has a strong bond, the Lampshade Seam Roller with Soft Grip Handle is ideal for applying a firm and even pressure along your double-sided taped seam.
  • included in the pack are 12 Rolled Edge Tools, which are used for tucking the fabric margin at under the lampshade rings, resulting in a professional finish, using the tool’s serrated or smooth edge.  

What’s in the pack

  • Hemline Expert Dressmaking Shears (210mm)
  • Lampshade Seam Roller with Soft Grip Handle
  • Lamination Squeegee
  • 12 Rolled Edge Tools.


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