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I noticed the website name changed from Needcraft to Dannell's?
Yes, we have changed the name because Needcraft is a brand of product and does not represent all the products and services we supply.
The name works fine for all our craft customers but we also supply professional lampshade components to manufacturers, and interior specialists.
We also operate a large and small format print service supplying business stationery, promotional leaflets and display systems, so we hope you understand why we needed to make the change.

Why Dannell’s?
Dannell’s is the short name we are effectively known as since our company “Martin Dannell & Co Ltd” was founded in 1982. We hope that makes sense to everyone and apologise if you found it a little confusing whilst we are making the changes.

How do I log into my account?
At the bottom of every page you can find a log in form, use your email address and password.

How do i determine the wattage of the lampshade I am making?
We have put together a simple guide to help
click here  to view the information

Is it necessary to spray home made lampshades with the fire proof spray?
Not if you use our PVC, read this link for more information click here

I am being asked " Do my Lampshade conform to current fire regulations? "
Lampshade materials should be tested for fire resistance to comply with BS EN 60598-1-2008, the British Standard for Luminaries.  If you make lampshades with our PVC based products they will be fire resistant. Our PVC material has been tested in the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test.  Fabrics, Textiles or Paper that is laminated to our PVC will become fire resistant.

Can I return unwanted items?
You have the right to cancel your order; you do not need to state a reason for cancelation. If the goods have already been delivered they must be returned to us within 14 days of receipt. Goods must be returned unused and in the condition they were delivered in. You will be responsible for return delivery costs, but will be refunded the full cost of the products within 30 days of cancellation, according to the terms above. Proof of postage is not necessarily proof of delivery and you are therefore strongly advised to send your package by recorded delivery, registered post or courier and to maintain sufficient insurance to cover the value of the goods. The following information should be included inside the packaging, your daytime telephone number, your order number or postcode in order to reconcile the returned items.

Where can i purchase boxes to pack my lampshades in?
We use Boxes Direct  Click here to visit the website

Lampshade Manufacturing Questions
How do I make the Lampshades?
Easy to use, laminate your covering to the self-adhesive lampshade panel and follow the step-by-step instructions included with the pack. You can view the instructions online and watch videos.

Can I get any additional help?
If you have any queries, comments or issues simply contact us, we will be pleased to help.

Why do you call them professional Kits?
These kits have been designed and intentionally engineered to make quality lampshades, the components are fundamental to reputable lampshade manufacturers worldwide.

Where can they be used?
The finished lampshades can be used as a Pendant (ceiling), or with a suitable Table or Floor Lamp.

What type of lamp holder will this lampshade fit?
The frame has been designed to fit any UK fitting (Bayonet Cap B22) or European (Edison Screw E27). It comes with a clever little convertor plug which enables it to work with both fittings.

What type of bulb can I use with them?
We recommend the use of low energy bulbs with your lampshades. They use less energy and are cool to the touch, avoiding the problem of scorching shades and ceilings.

Tell me about the components in the box?
The self-adhesive lampshade panel is not just a piece of “sticky back plastic” It has been specially
manufactured for lampshades and has many treatments including “Anti-Static” and “Anti Yellowing and is fire resistant. The frame included is made from top quality heavy gauge wire and is painted white. The double-sided tapes included in the pack are from Tessa the world’s leading manufacturer of self-adhesive products, manufactured in Germany.

What about Product Testing and Safety?
The self-adhesive lampshade panel has been tested in the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test which is The British Standard for Luminaries. Any fabric, textile or paper that is laminated to our panel will become fire resistant.

Can I make different shapes and sizes?
This package includes the best selling sizes in the most popular shape " The Drum".
When you know the basics you can then move onto, Oval, Square, and Rectangle shapes, and also accessorising them with trimmings or metallic backings and changing the sizes to suit your clients.

Why is there a shortage of Fashion Lampshades on the High Street?
The High Street is full of neutral coloured boring lampshades because the majority are imported from the Far East. Retailers cannot take a chance on fashion colours because they need to place big orders with importers so they play it safe with Cream. The shapes have also been changed so they can fit into containers for shipping which no longer makes them multifunctional. The most popular Drum shape for instance takes up too much space in container ships as they don't stack.

How much should I sell the Lampshades for when I make them?
That really depends on your design but we can give you some examples,
20cm Drum £14.99 / £24.99 : 30cm Drum £29.99 / £39.99 : 40cm Drum Lampshade £45.00 / £59.99
But do take a look on the online shopping channels like ”Not on the High St”, “Folksy” & “Etsy”.


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