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Coolie Lampshade Making Kits

Coolie lampshades are reminiscent of Chinese coolie hats with wide bottoms and narrow tops.

The contemporary and modern lampshade design that can be used as ceiling pendants or table and floor lamps.

Our kits contain everything you need to make professional Coolie style Lampshades.

30cm Coolie Lampshade Making Kit (Duplex Fitting)30cm Coolie Lampshade Making Kit (Duplex Fitting)
45cm Coolie Lampshade Making Kit (Duplex Fitting)45cm Coolie Lampshade Making Kit (Duplex Fitting)
Manufacturing PacksManufacturing Packs
We have made it easy for you to design and manufacture your own coolie lampshades, all the essential components supplied compactly at the most economical rates