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Art, Craft and Hobbyist Materials

Paints, Brushes and Paintable productsPaints, Brushes and Paintable products
We supply an Acrylic Paint range which can be used on almost any surface compared with other acrylics. Its versatility is unmatched for all your projects and we can also supply brushes and spray paints and products for you to paint.
Glues, Adhesives and TapesGlues, Adhesives and Tapes
We supply a wide range of adhesives including specialist glues for all your projects and lampshade production, from spray adhesives and fabric glue to Super-Glue, Glue-Guns and much more.
We supply a range of essential tools for crafters including precision Craft Knives, Cutting Mats, Tape Measures, Rulers, Scissors and much much more.
We stock a range of useful raw materials that are sold on the roll for hobbyists and DIY projects, including Cord, Board and PVC.
Carefully selected range of useful products including Binding Tapes, Elastic, Buttons, Lace, Ribbons and Feather.
Daylight LampsDaylight Lamps
We have a small range of quality low cost daylight lamps to use so you can shine a light on your crafting projects. Also great for late night reading.
We supply many low-cost essentials to help with all your sewing projects.
We manufacture a range of fabric laminated to card that works well with the popular cutting machines such as Sizzix, and you can fabric shapes that don't fray.
Hanging Mobile Sets and AccessoriesHanging Mobile Sets and Accessories
Make your own decorative hanging mobile. We offer all the components you need to design your own.
Hang them over your bed to ward off unwanted bad dreams. We supply everything you need to make your own.
Provide the final touch to your project with these Embellishments, Feathers and Leaves.
Lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open weblike pattern, and we stock a range for all your projects. Add the lace to a pair of blue jeans to jazz them up, or a layer of lace on the bottom of a T-shirt changes the look completely.


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