Acrylic Paints

Paint directly onto metal, glass, ceramic, wood or fabric with our amazing Acrylic Paints.  These paints can be used on almost any surface compared with other acrylics.  Its versatility is unmatched for all your projects.

Upcycle your furniture, Toys, Doll's house, Table Lamp or Lampshades, or come up with your own unique ideas.

Easy to use with fantastic coverage.  Totally safe as water-based and very economical.

Golden Acrylic Paint with Painted Lamp standLampshade painted with Pink Acrylic Paint Dolls house painted with Lilac Acrylic paints
 Acrylic PaintsPainted with Metallic GoldFabric painted with Acrylic PinkDoll's house painted with Acrylic Lilac

Colour Availability
We have 23 colours available in our range.  If you would like to see our colour chart click the PDF link below.

Paint Range
We stock the paint in 100ml and 250ml bottle sizes, click a link above.