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STICK-IT Self Adhesive Lampshade Materials


Stick-It is the industry standard self-adhesive material that is used by manufacturers worldwide to make lampshades for commercial and retail products.

Peel back the release paper and laminate your covering to the backing, it's that easy.

We have several ranges available including Standard,  Premium, Metallic and Colour products for you to use.

Stick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Standard RangeStick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Standard Range
Simple and effective, the most economical and cost-effective self-adhesive backing for lampshade making.
Stick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Premium RangeStick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Premium Range
Extra rigid, extra sticky and double-sided self-adhesive backing for lampshade making.
Stick It -  Self-Adhesive Material - Metallics RangeStick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Metallics Range
Metallic effect with a Brushed or Mirror finish our range includes Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Champagne
Stick It - Neon Fluorescent Colour RangeStick It - Neon Fluorescent Colour Range
We stock self-adhesive backings with fluorescent colour backings which are used to make eye-catchingly bold, attention grabbing Lampshades...
Stick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Colours RangeStick It - Self-Adhesive Material - Colours Range
We stock a large range of colour vinyl that can be laminated, and we also offer cream as standard