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Lampshade Ring-Sets
We can now supply the lampshade ringsets in parts so you can purchase the Utility Fittings and Rings separately and mix and match them to make any size of lampshade.

You can use them for pendants and table lamps and in any size.

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Drum Lampshade Making Kits with US Washer fittings
We have added 40cm & 45cm kits to our range of US Lampshade making kits.
They are suitable for lamps that use a harp or vertical rod system to hold the shade.
These kits are supplied with Washer fittings (1/2" ring) which is the most common lamp fitting in the US and Canada

We now stock 20cm, 30cm, 40cm & 45cm Kits.
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Joanne -Traditional Vintage Style Standard Lamp.123cm ( 48")
A traditional design standard floor lamp made from Beech that has a lovely profile.
The lamp is individually switched by an inline foot switch and comes complete with E27 Edison screw lampholder.

It has been ingeniously designed so that it can be packed in a small box.

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US Washer Fitting (1/2") Lampshade Ringsets
We have extended our range and now stock
20cm, 30cm, 40cm & 45cm Ringsets.

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DIY Table & Floor Lamp Making Kits
Make your own Table or Floor lamp using your fabric of choice, add your electrics 
(Lamp holder, Plug and Switched Cable) and you have a fabulous lighting product.


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Table & Floor Lamp Making Frames
These Lamp making frames can be used to make your own table lamps and floor lamps.

The frames are supplied with rubber feet so they will not mark furniture or floors. 
We can also supply the electrics, plug lampholder with switched cable fully tested.

For more details
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Tier Making Lampshade Frames
We have a complete easy to make professional system to make your tier shades from your designs. 

2Tier, 3Tier and 4Tier systems now available
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Clock Making Kits
Design a decorative clock to match your room theme using your covering of choice.  Any fabric, wallpaper or digital print can be used.

Easy to use, laminate your covering to the self-adhesive lampshade panel and follow the step-by-step instructions supplied which can be viewed below.

Click here to visit the clock kit product page