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Needcraft Kits

We love creativity!

Needcraft is a brand of products that will inspire you to create beautiful and practical things for your home using your covering of choice.

Lampshades, Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Lanterns, Paper Bins, and Clocks can all be made.

this is a picture of needcraft kits

Select a product range below for more information and to view our product videos.

Lampshade Making KitsLampshade Making Kits
Make your own lampshades from the fabric of your choice. Our kits include everything you need to make top quality lampshades.
Make & Paint Lampshade KitsMake & Paint Lampshade Kits
Our kits are supplied with a textile laminated panel all ready for painting. We also stock a range of paints in 23 colours to go with the kits.
Table & Floor Lamp Making KitsTable & Floor Lamp Making Kits
Make your own table or floor lamp using your fabric of choice. Add your electrics (Lamp Holder, Plug and Switched Cable) and you have a fabulous lighting product.
Clock Making KitsClock Making Kits
Have you got the time to make a customised wall clock using your covering of choice? Fabric, Wallpaper and Digital prints can all be used.
Waste Basket Making KitWaste Basket Making Kit
Make your own Tapered Waste Paper Bin using the fabric or wallpaper of your choice. Our kits include everything you need to match your room theme.
Lantern Making KitsLantern Making Kits
Design your own lantern using your textiles. The perfect present for anyone who likes trying out new crafts and making beautiful things for their home.
Bottle Lamp Holder Adaptor Conversion KitBottle Lamp Holder Adaptor Conversion Kit
Use our kits to convert your bottle into lamps with these great kits
Textile Wall Art KitsTextile Wall Art Kits
Picture your fabric and turn it into a unique piece of wall art with our unique kits...
Other ProductsOther Products